Thursday, April 30, 2009

Malike Adigun: Mr. Triton 2009

My brother's Mr.Triton talent show performance! CLASSIC!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One love, Tupac!

If I can use one word to describe Tupac Shakur, it would be BRILLIANT. He was an intellegent and gifted character that millions of people loved. Unfortunately, there were also millions who wanted to see his downfall.

He wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed in - even if it was going to kill him. We can debate about whether he's really dead or not, but either way Tupac still lives on through his fans and supporters. He's one of the many young Black men who did their best to get other Blacks hip to what really was taking place in America.

One love, Tupac.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meth & Red?!!


Method Man and Redman are shooting a new music video. The beat sounds pretty good. In conclusion: I can't wait.

Their performance at Rock The Bells in Miami last year was CLASSIC! They were smoking blunts during their performance, and they're also smoking blunts in this video. =)

How High 2 Coming Soon!!

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The Making of Illin' Video

A couple weeks ago, a couple PayUp members traveled up to Savannah, GA to shoot a video for a track Haz put together called Illin'. All I can say is it was an ILL experience, and the video will be ILL as well. Mike Ellwood directed it - dude is a damn genius! Anyways, I'll get into further detail once the editing process is complete and we post the video - probably on Vimeo for HD quality. Here's the making of a party scene that you'll see in the Illin' video.